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Based upon the latest analysis of scheduled airline capacity data from OAG, total scheduled airline capacity is expected to increase by 2% in November 2012. The increase in overall capacity is notmatched by a similar increase in frequency, as total frequencies will see only a very slight increase of 0.05% over November last year.Although overall capacity is increasing, from a regional perspective there are significant variations.

The Central and South America region will see the highest increase in capacity and frequency in November 2012. The data shows growth of 8% to both seats and flights to/from Central and SouthAmerica although the picture for capacity within the region is somewhat different, with frequency expected to fall by 1%. Seat capacity within the region will still show some growth with a smallincrease of 1% compared to last November.

Capacity to/from the Middle East also continues its positive growth trend with frequency expected to grow by 4% and capacity by 5%. The To/From capacity position for North America is positive toothis month with frequency due to increase by 5% and capacity by 4%. North American To/From capacity and frequency has reached its highest point for the last 10 years for both the month andyear to date.


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