Embraer looks to the future with cabin comfort project

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A technological development programme aimed at ensuring Embraer’s future commercial and executive aircraft offer integrated cabin solutions that focus on passenger and crew comfort is scheduled to be completed by mid-2011, the Brazilian airframer reveals.

Embraer’s so-called “cabin comfort and design” programme, which was launched in May 2006 and involves a group of engineers and designers from a broad array of specializations, focuses “only on passengers who will fly in future aircraft designed by the company”, says Embraer in the latest edition of its Bandeirainte magazine.

“This work seeks to place Embraer at a high level of readiness by bringing together knowledge and solutions and keeping them always available so that they will be able to add a keen leading edge of quality to any future aircraft design.”

Issues such as thermal comfort, vibro-acoustics, cabin pressure, ergonomics, industrial design, and integrated analysis have been addressed during the project, which can be compared “to an exercise in futurology”, says Embraer.

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